Harrisburg Rocks

By Lisa G Publisher of Macaroni Kid Concord, NC June 7, 2017

If you are in the Harrisburg, North Carolina and surrounding areas you may have discovered something hidden. It seems a group of people are painting and hiding rocks. They call themselves Harrisburg + Rocks on a FaceBook Group. You can join in on the fun in many different ways. You can paint rocks with positive messages and hide them for others to find. If you find one of the magical rocks, you are supposed to take a pic and share it with the group letting them know you are hiding it again. 

The owners of the group said they started it to spread positive messages. Most of the people in the group admit it brought a smile to their faces when they found one. They are colorful, fun, and make you feel good. 

This is Savannah; she is one of the creative painters that helps with most of the rocks you may find. I love that we have youth so excited to spread positive messages. 

The rocks are painted beautifully with things such as ladybugs, ice creams, moons, sunshine and much more. Most have a simple phrase on them to make you smile. Some are just really cool paintings and others say things like SMILE, JOY, You're Beautiful, Focus on the GOOD and much more. 

Some of the group members post clues to where they are hiding the rocks. You may want to look around the next time you visit a local business in the area. Here is one found by Dr. Andrea at Inspire Wellness in Harrisburg. 

Join the group HERE and have some fun spreading positive messages. If you are looking for rocks to paint head over to Christy's Nursery & Landscaping and tell her you are part of the group and she will know just what you are looking for. 

​In the pictures below you can see Oscar and Madison with rocks ready to be hidden. As you can see from Madison's face she is super excited to spread the positive messages. 


Happy Rock Hunting and Hiding. 

- Lisa G