Mining Spots in North Carolina

By LisaG - Publisher of Macaroni Kid Concord NC July 13, 2017

If your kids are like mine, they cannot get enough of Minecraft. I thought they would be over it by now, but I was wrong. I think it is important to get them outside for some sunshine and fresh air so take a trip right here in North Carolina to one of the mining sites we have. I have included links to all 3 of the websites so you can do some research before heading out. 

Reed Gold Mine

Located in Midland NC
More Information

Dan Nicholas Park - Miner Moose Gem Mine

Located in Salisbury NC 

More Information

Emerald Hollow Mine

Located in Hiddenite NC

If you go mining and find an awesome gem or treasure let me know. If you do not mind, share pics with me on my FaceBook Page. I love gems and crystals.