Calm Down Corner Ideas by Hug-a-Pet

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April 26, 2020

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Free Hug-A-Pet Calm Down Corner Printables 

Attention mamas! Ever feel like your kiddos have more emotions than a vintage mood ring? SAME! It turns out that children have emotions as complex as adults - they just don’t have the proper tools to sort through them. But don’t you worry your tired little heads, because we have a few ideas and activities that’ll help you and your mini soap star become more aware of emotions, understand where they’re coming from, and work towards explaining them!

Let’s start with identifying emotions! You may have noticed the brightly colored chart of faces at your child’s daycare or school displaying different emotions. No, they’re not emojis - they’re there to help your young one identify and express their feelings in a visual and relatable way!

Next, how in the world does someone calm down their child, when their child can’t communicate how they’re feeling?! Easy! A common way to calm down a screaming child or stop loud outbursts is to sing a favorite song, sit down with a paper fortune teller (folding instructions here), or even start spelling cool words out loud (feel free to show off with words like triceratops 😉🦖.)

Finally, (and maybe most importantly) give them a hug! A hug tells your moody mini that you’re there for them no matter what. Everyone needs a hug sometimes, especially kids. Hugs work for all kinds of feelings: happiness, sadness, even frustration! Asking before you give a hug, coupled with a counting or breathing activity using a comfort plushy is a surefire way to keep the kiddies in the calm zone.

Check out these Free Calm Down Corner Printables, brought to you by Hug-A-Pet! Print out these helpful sheets and watch your munchkin ease into tranquility. All they need now is a Hug-A-Pet of their own, available online on Amazon and in-stores at Walmart! Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you grab one for yourself too!